Grow A School Garden

Grow A School Garden
For Every Child
“If you want to eat for a year, plant a tree; five years, plant a garden; fifty years, educate the people.” Chinese Proverb

We recognize the importance of creating not just gardens but a process through which the garden experience can provide learning and insight, valuable lessons and opportunities for community building. To encourage communities to take up that charge, here are some guiding principles and objectives:

Use the garden experience as a first step in developing a child’s awareness, confidence, appreciation for and connections to the natural world.

Strengthen children’s health and development.
Provide education about agriculture and horticulture and help children develop a greater understanding of the relationships between human societies, the land and our natural resources.
Inspire and encourage jobs, careers, lifelong hobbies and interests.
Create a barrier free, accessible context for learning for people of all ages and abilities.
Encourage members of every community to build and support common ground.
All Rhode Island schools and youth organizations are invited to participate in the Children’s Garden Network, its programs and services.

Schools & youth organizations from other states and countries are also welcome to register their garden programs on this website and to particpate in CGN programs and activities.

We look forward to working with you!