Tips on Cooking Healthier at Home

healthy veggies

Cooking at home has its advantages, such as choosing everything that you eat, and cooking food using healthy methods like boiling and steaming.You can also save money. However, it is a tiring task and calls for dedication. But you will soon become creative and come up with your fast-to-prepare meals. You can also check blogs on foods where you can learn amazing recipes like Instant Pot biryani, which you can prepare quickly and are healthy as well as delicious.

Here are some tips on cooking healthier when at home:

Have a Plan

writing a meals planIt is critical to make a plan on the foods to prepare for breakfast, lunch, and any meals, or else you will go blank. The risk of going blank is you will resort to the easiest thing to prepare, which may not be a healthy option.

For some people, a plan for the meals may mean writing down a menu for the week and a shopping list so they can go and buy the foodstuff like on a Saturday or a Sunday.Other people make meal plans by writing short reminders, for example, ‘pasta night’ on sticky notes and placing them on the kitchen wall. Whichever method work for you, use it.

Use Natural Flavors

You can use some seasonings from the plants such as coriander, capsicum, and pepper to add flavor to your food, and may even reduce the salt you need to add. Some global spices like curry powder, basil, and others are also amazing and can even help you to do away with salt in your meals besides making them tasty. These meals that you add the global flavors are not only easy to prepare but also healthy and delicious.


Add Healthy Fats and Oils

healthy fats -avocadoFats are not unhealthy, as many people believe, so do not avoid them. They have a filling effect, so consuming so little of them will leave you feeling not satisfied within a short moment after eating. Fat also helps make food tasty as well as aids in the absorption of nutrients like Vitamins A, D, E, and K.

You should use unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats. Saturated fats and oils include olive oil and avocado oil. Nuts are also good sources of healthy fats. On the other hand, avoid butter, tropical oils, and lard.

Minimize Added Sugar and Salt

Many people consume daily more than the recommended amounts of salt and sugar. Excess intake of either will over time result in health problems such as high blood pressure and heart conditions. Instead, learn the healthy ways of adding flavor using herbs, seasonings, and natural spices.…

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